Realm Keeper : Rise of Tiscidious [Game]


Henry Hildas

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Realm Keeper:

You wake up in a strange place, the last thing you remember is your dying breath given for another. Surrounded by ruins, with no direction but a portal, you learn of the past of this Realm and your new task, keeping the peace of the Realms. Traversing these Realms you unravel the mystery of the Order of Keepers and your new role as the last of them. Now it is up to you to restore this broken Order to its once great power, finding allies lost throughout the Realms to become the Realm Keeper.

Rise of Tiscidious

Join a young king named Alpha on his hunt to defeat Tiscidious, the universe's very first demon. Tiscidious threatens to destroy the planet of Earth and all the living beings on it, and Alpha is the only one close enough to deliver the killing blow.


Realm Keeper Credits:

Linus Dordevic

Henry Hildas

Jacqueline Holdaway

Brittany Zhang

Isaac Nathan

Victor Castillo

Nikita Heuer

Thomas Paino

Palan Surisetty

Rise of Ticidious Credits

Henry Hildas

Egan Harlem

Victor Castillo

Arjun Mitra

Mercurius Awad


Mature (M) - moderate impact language/themes, includes violence/nudity, not restricted to 15+



Recommended Citation

Hildas, H. (2021). Realm Keeper [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.

Hildas, H. (2021). Rise of Tiscidious [Bachelor's Major Project, SAE Institute]. Creo.